I had a wonderful experience today with Rx Valet! I had a sinus infection and called Virtual Care which is offered to me through my employer. The doctor called my prescription into Publix. I went on the Rx Valet website, entered the medication information, and was able to save almost $20. Rx Valet was easy to use and the savings were great!
- Chasity A. – Lawrenceville, GA

Yesterday, I went to CVS to pick up my prescription. It would have been $27.95 with my insurance. I searched for the medication on Rx Valet and the price was only $19.80! I signed up as a member immediately and paid by credit card. I was able to pick up the same prescription at CVS and saved $8.15. Rx Valet was so easy, quick, and it helped me save money. Thanks, Rx Valet!
Susan L. – Suwanee, GA

Hello, Rx Valet! This is a great service. I saved so much money on my diabetic testing supplies. Thank you so much!
- Brad D. – Roselle, NJ

Rx Valet will save me over $748 this year. Walgreens wanted $400 for my prescription for a 90 day supply, it would've been $210 after I used a discount drug card (that they sold me!). I went to Rx Valet and had my prescription delivered right to my home for $22.99. I recommend Rx Valet to all my family, friends, and clients.
Alex C. – Atlanta, GA

I used Rx Valet for the first time this weekend and I cannot believe how simple it was. I filled 2 prescriptions and the Rx Valet prices were cheaper than my insurance co-pays. I saved about $15. After completing the transaction I took my Rx Valet card to Publix and picked up my prescriptions. The pharmacist even asked me how I got my prescriptions for so cheap and I explained to him what I did. I am so pleased with this service. Try it - you will love the ease and the cost.
- Nancy W. – Alexandria, VA

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