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This is a mail-order discounted insulin program*. Prescription required. Some restrictions apply. Only a 30 day supply can be supplied and must match your physicans prescription.

Note: This program is only available to member’s who DO NOT have commercial insurance coverage for the above medication. A small handling fee is included and will be billed separately. Not available in all states.

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This Medication Qualifies For Assistance. You may be able to get this Medication for as low as $100 per month, please login and request assistance. There is no obligation to APPLY.

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A safe, convenient way to save big on the Rx Valet medications you know and trust. The medication will be shipped to your home. If you questions regarding this program, please call our customer service team 855-798-2538.

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Prescription Assistance Program


Even though times can be tough, you may be eligible for our Prescription Assistance Program with medications starting as little as $25 per month.

We will handle all the paperwork and the refills.

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Rx Valet for Pets
Rx Valet for Pets

Need meds for your pets? Now your fast and furry friends have a benefit too! is included with your membership at no additional cost. Just login with your Rx Valet username and password and check out our competitive retail and home delivery prices for your pets needs.

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Diabetic Supply
Diabetic Supplies

Welcome to a new way to save on Diabetic and Durable Medical Supplies! FREE glucose meter with your first order. 100% Guaranteed or your money back.

Quarterly Re-shipment Program starting at $8.33 per month. Join now and save!

Men's Health

Being a healthy man isn’t just about dodging illness. It’s about living as much as you want – how you want. Ask your doctor if these medications are right for you.

*Products shown for marketing purposes only. Generic packaging of men’s health drugs will differ from images displayed. Brand names of these medications are available on our website, but prices will differ.

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